Homelake Veterans' History Museum is sponsored by the Homelake Historic Preservation and Restoration Foundation and run by volunteers.  It is located on the campus of the former Colorado Soldiers' and Sailors' Home -- now the Homelake Veterans' Center -- in the San Luis Valley at Monte Vista, Colorado. 

The home was established by an act of the Colorado State Legislature in 1889 at the behest of the Grand Army of the Republic to provide a home for the aging and disabled veterans of the Civil War.  The first resident was admitted in November, 1891. 

Shortly thereafter a cemetery was established at the Home and by 1898 the barracks, commander’s residence, administration building, and chapel were added to the community. 

More than 3,000 veterans have lived at the facility -- starting with those from the Civil War and continuing to those from current conflicts. 

Colorado State Soldiers' & Sailors' Home, Dedication Ceremonies – Trop D, State Militia & Grand Army of the Republic. July 4, 1892.



At the present time the Museum is located in the old Dining Hall and work is being done on the old Administration Building for the Museum’s future home.

The goal of the Homelake Veterans History Museum is to provide a venue to curate and display the artifacts and memorabilia of the residents of Homelake and veterans of the San Luis Valley. 

In addition to this, it is the goal of the Homelake Veterans' History Museum to provide to the public access to the records of the residents and the veterans of the San Luis Valley through an online database.  This database is being developed from the records of the Veterans' Center,  newspaper articles, personal  communications, cemetery records, etc.  

Search the database by clicking here or by clicking on the search button at the top of the page.

Top photo: Administration building, Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Home. Completed in 1905. Built of andesite lava.
All photos courtesy of the Monte Vista Historic Society.

Homelake Veterans' History Museum

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